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Sparkle Match is a best-in-class doctor finder that helps your patients select and schedule appointments with their ideal provider.

A perfect match.

With many health systems struggling to meet patient demands, and public expectations higher than ever; helping users easily find providers with availabilty is essential. That’s why Sparkle Match was developed in partnership with leading hospital systems – to deliver frictionless provider selection and instant appointment scheduling into existing healthcare websites and apps.

10 Years

In use by top hospital systems for over a decade.


Of appointments booked online through Sparkle Match


Of matched searches by real-world patients.

Effortless engagement.

Sparkle’s intuitive interface uses each provider’s specialties, availability, office location, accepted insurance, and more to find the best match for every patient.

Instant appointments.

Each provider’s availability is updated in real time with in-person or virtual appointments booked directly into the Electronic Health Record.

Unique benefits that empower organizations.

Increased Patient Conversion

Sparkle clients have seen their online booking rates increase by over 125% in the year after launch.

Provider Data Hub

Integrations with a wide array of data sources make Sparkle an ideal internal hub for centralized provider information.

SEO Benefits

Your provider’s search engine rankings will soar thanks to ingrained best practices like structured data & rich snippets.

HIPAA Compliance

Patient privacy is built into every facet of Sparkle Match. It complies with HIPAA standards and never uses third-party tracking cookies.

Connected Credentialing

Credentialing data sources can be leveraged to display provider certifications, credentials, and education.

CRM Data Pipeline

Connect Sparkle Match to your CRM software to share appointment data and coordinate reminders & other communications.

Epic Data Sharing

Sparkle passes provider and appointment data directly into Epic so administrators and providers can access it in real-time.

Campaign Integration

Embed a search into landing pages or point your CTAs at targeted results – Sparkle can reflect outcomes back into campaign analytics.

Advanced Reporting

Get at-a-glance insights, track key performance metrics, and generate reports with Sparkle’s built-in analytics.

Identity Matching

When appointments require it, a patient’s details will be automatically verified to identify any preexisting relationship with a provider.

Smart Appointment Distribution

Keep patients happy by directing them to the physicians with the most open schedules.

Stakeholder Balancing

Sophisticated configuration tools ensure you’re considering institutional goals and providers needs, along with your patients’.

User-friendly features your patients will love.

Award-winning Usability

Sparkle Match has been carefully refined to remove friction from every part of a patient’s experience

Virtual Visit Support

Provide in-person and virtual appointments in a single booking workflow, with instructions and follow-up correspondence for each.

Insurance Eligibility

Sparkle Match’s insurance filtering lets patients narrow search results to show only those providers who accept their policy.

Advanced Filtering

Narrow or sort results by attributes including availability range, location, gender, languages spoken, ages treated, and more.

Map View

Users can sort & compare providers by proximity, and view the results on an expansive map for desktop and tablet devices.

Search by Availability

Sparkle displays available time slots right in search results – so users can sort and compare appointments that match their schedule.

Videos, Ratings, and Reviews

Sync media and reviews from sources like YouTube, Vimeo, PressGaney, Reputation, Google Business, and more.

Specialty Mapping

Sparkle uses a vast relational database of terminology to turn common-language searches into clinically-accurate results.

Provider Groups

Embed search on location pages, or include group practices in search to allow booking appointments with any available provider.

New & Returning Patient Workflows

Users can book with their current provider, or find a new one through intuitive self-sorting UX patterns.

MyChart Account Creation

No MyChart account? No problem – new patients can easily sign up while booking an appointment.

Flexible Scheduling

If a desired appointment slot isn’t available, Sparkle Match will make intelligent suggestions for other dates, times, or providers.

Deep integration with 100s of services you depend on.

Sparkle Match is built for flexibility, with out-of-the-box connections to EHR and CRM software like Epic and Salesforce Health Cloud, as well as numerous sources of credentialing data, patient reviews & surveys, clinical taxonomy, insurance eligibility, compliance, analytics, and more.

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