Created by healthcare providers, for healthcare providers

Meet Sparkle, the revolutionary software platform that transforms patient attraction, onboarding, and communication.

Making health systems Sparkle.

With industry logic built into every facet, Sparkle’s suite of products streamlines the efforts of marketing teams, contact center agents, and clinicians, while providing deep insights and cost savings to managers and executives with an eye on the bottom line.

Sparkle Create

Powerful, easy-to-use marketing & content management software with healthcare helps even small teams build big websites, apps, and campaigns.

Sparkle Match

A best-in-class doctor finder that helps your patients select and schedule appointments with their ideal provider.

Sparkle Connect

The communication hub that unites call center agents, managers, and clinicians around patient journeys.

Developed in partnership with top-ranked health systems.

Sparkle has been developed for over 15 years, by the team at Combinaut, working hand-in-hand with some of the nation’s most forward-thinking health systems. It can handle the needs of the largest hospital systems, but even small teams can take great advantage of it’s powerful tools.

“Sparkle is a generation beyond anything else we found in the market. It’s helping Compassus build an industry-leading digital marketing program with measurable referral growth at its center.”

Marc Needham, VP of Digital Marketing, Compassus

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