Small teams. 
Big ideas. 
Huge results.

Sparkle Create is a complete digital solution that streamlines patient attraction, engagement, and conversion for health systems of any size.

Unleash your creativity.

Powerful marketing and content creation tools bring content to life through websites, campaigns, and mobile apps. While advanced publishing features, built-in A/B testing, and analytics offer a more complete picture of your audience with one-of-a kind insights into marketing ROI.

15 Years

In use by top hospital systems for over a decade.

50 million

Unique visits to sites created 

with Sparkle.


Sparkle clients have increased conversions by up to 80%.

Capture the audience.

Deliver standout websites, landing pages, & apps for any device with drag-and-drop simplicity. Sparkle’s visual page builder lets you create layouts easily using text, photos and videos, slideshows, forms, and more. Dynamic content can be shared between multiple pages, and built-in A/B testing makes it easy to measure success and refine page performance.

Supercharge conversions.

Make sure marketing messages don't get lost with built-in targeting that makes campaign CTAs follow users through their entire browsing sessions. Or create personalized landing pages for each traffic source to tailor messaging for audience segments with customized copy, images, CTAs, or layouts that can transform pages into self-contained microsites.

Make online experiences that sparkle.

Award-winning Usability

Sparkle’s team uses decades of healthcare experience to help clients deliver sites and apps that remove friction from every part of a patient’s experience.

Streamlined SEO

Intelligent search engine optimization tools with integrated healthcare logic enforce best practices and offer in-place issue detection and recommendations for enhancements.

Patient Assessments

Create rich questionaries with branching logic to direct users to personalized information and treatments, with opt-in data collection so you can follow up.

News & Blogs

A news center and blogging system lets you author press releases, announcements and rich-media articles to engage your community.

Classes & Events

Set up unique or recurring events and classes with flexible scheduling tools, online registration & payment, speaker agendas, location maps, and more.

Visual Form Builder

Build engaging, reusable forms to capture leads with drag and drop form fields, labels and buttons. Validation & HIPPA compliance built in.


Sparkle’s intelligent predictive search is optimized for healthcare, with medical classification data to promote or surface connections between pages.

Social Media Tools

Sparkle content is built for social, with simple embeds of posts and feeds, and tools that let you preview and optimize pages for sharing.

Hours & Wait Times

Clinics and locations with walk-in availability can use real-time appointment & capacity data to show wait estimates with the ability to hold a spot in line.

Built-in Call Tracking

Sparkle seamlessly integrates call tracking into your content and works with any phone number to measure marketing campaign conversions.

Mobile App Builder

Easily build amazing hybrid apps for iOS and Android by combining a native application interface with responsive web content.

Version History

Visual side-by-side comparisons provides a complete audit trail and gives users the ability to instantly revert to a previous state.

Manage your marketing, all in one place.

Advanced Publishing

Create, edit and rearrange pages or entire new sections in a safe sandbox environment away from public view until you’re ready for publishing.

Q/A System

Ensure you present top-quality content with a Q/A system that lets managers or external stakeholders review, add comments, and approve content before it’s published.

Information Security

Sparkle meets or exceeds all OWASP requirements for server security, utilizes encryption by default, with HIPAA-compliance for sensitive patient data.

Mailing Lists

Build fully automated, scheduled email campaigns with dynamic content from your website. Add new subscribers through sign-up widgets or CRM integrations.

Multiple Domain Management

Quickly create new publishing domains for marketing, fundraising, or events and manage them all through one single interface.

User Roles & Permissions

Flexible, fine-grained controls allow administrators to tailor each team member’s access precisely to their organizational roles.

Measure success more effectively.

Advanced Reporting

Get at-a-glance insights, track key performance metrics, and generate reports with Sparkle’s built-in analytics.

Data Portability

Customize datasets for export to MS Excel. JSON and XML APIs ensure broad interoperability with external services, and clinical applications.

CRM integration

Sparkle offers bidirectional integration with Salesforce & other CRMs to generate leads from conversions, sync campaign data, and more.

A revolutionary way to track marketing ROI.

Tight integration with CRMs and EHRs is a strength of the Sparkle platform that unlocks amazing potential for capturing and analyzing campaign data.

For every type of online conversion, Sparkle generates a new customer record and automatically sends a new qualified lead to your CRM, eliminating the struggle to manually consolidate that data. And the ability to connect every step from the first ad click to the EHR provides insight into entire acquisition path – from the campaign, to the patient visit ,and beyond. This unique ability allows Sparkle to retrieve actual patient profit and tie it back to the cost of the originating campaign to assess real marketing ROI.

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