Make every patient a priority.

Sparkle Connect combines a best-in-class digital call center with game-changing tools to manage each patient’s journey from the first click to the final billing statement, and beyond.

Get connected.

Capture every lead opportunity with a digital contact center that puts relevant information and actions at your fingertips for more personal, efficient patient interactions — and an integrated Patient Journey Manger to track and nurture patients through their entire care experience.

Used together, these tools can dramatically reduce costs, increase patient satisfaction, improve team communication, and expose inefficiencies across all of your lead data.


Handle call traffic at peak volumes with unlimited concurrent agents and calls.


Geographically-distributed, redundant network delivers 99.999% SLA


Sparkle meets or exceeds all HIPAA and OWASP standards.

Meet the contact center with healthcare at it’s center

In touch and in control.

Sparkle’s fully-integrated digital call center is built around healthcare industry needs, with an interface that’s been refined over years of use to center the patient experience and remove friction from agent’s workflows. SMS and email tools have PHI detection built right in, and allow patients to securely log in when needed. And the comprehensive dashboard provides managers with reports, analytics, and full-spectrum operational oversight to track all patient communications in real time.

In-browser Calling

Calls are handled directly in the agent interface and paired with tools to perform standard lead-handling tasks or configure your own custom actions.

Real-time Dashboard

Managers have full-spectrum visibility into call operations with real-time activity updates, aggregated data, and alerts when urgent attention may be needed.

Shift Controls

Shifts can be scheduled, started, ended, and paused in Sparkle, with tools so agents can take breaks or manage administrative follow-up without receiving calls.

Coaching & Drop-In

Managers can listen-in to ongoing calls, coach agents through a private audio channel, or even manually take control of a call when problems occur.

Recordings & Transcripts

Listen back to any call with text transcription and event breakpoints that allow managers to easily navigate and assess call composition.

Routing & Call Groups

Prioritize routing callers to the same agents they’ve spoken with before. With intelligent overflow routing when things get busy.

External Call Centers

Smart call matching allows third-party call centers to take advantage of Sparkle’s advanced tools, even when they use another telephony system.

Transfers & 3-way Calling

Easily transfer or bring third-parties into an ongoing calls, with real-time agent status and availability shown right in the call interface.

Built-in call tracking

Sparkle can seamlessly integrate call tracking into your web content and works with any phone number to measure marketing campaign conversions.

Secure Email

Field patient emails with a HIPAA-compliant inbox that actively scans messages for sensitive information, and generates secure message links with one-time passcodes when necessary.

SMS Integration

Send text messages and reminders to any patient’s phone through an integrated SMS interface that automatically screens text for sensitive private information as you type.

Advanced Reporting

Get at-a-glance insights, track key performance metrics, and generate reports with Sparkle’s built-in analytics.

Patient journeys put your whole team on the same path.

The journey is the destination.

Think of a patient journey as the complete experience a person has with your organization outside of the doctor’s office, starting when they’re just an online lead. Each website inquiry, phone call, scheduled appointment, intake form, or post-care follow up — Sparkle’s Patient Journey Manager tracks and arranges the entire experience into customizable milestones and automatically assigns timed follow-up tasks to coordinate your team’s priorities and keep each patient’s engagement running smoothly.

Journey Builder

Start with pre-built journey templates, or design your own from scratch to reflect the ideal patient experience for individual care-lines, practices, or procedures.

Timed Milestones

Journeys are divided into milestones to be completed in a defined order with automated deadlines to assess progress and keep teams on track.

Tasks & Tools

Each milestone contains one or more assigned tasks, with built-in tools to enable their completion – from checklists & forms, to email templates, and document uploads.

Triggers & Timers

Build sophisticated triggers to detect conditions and automate actions – insert new tasks, notify or assign team members, even start a whole new journey.

Patient Prioritization

Sparkle’s AI uses your preferences to score, prioritize, and assign actions so patients in most need of action are sure to get the most attention.

Automated Escalation

Managers can configure their own thresholds to be notified and step in whenever a timed task or milestones is significantly overdue.

Patient Reports

Get at-a-glance summaries of patient’s basic information, and current progress of their journeys, including any notes that team members have added along the way.

Appointment Management

Sparkle users can use patient journeys to schedule and manage provider appointments, booked directly into the EHR.

Contact Management

Keep a list of each patient’s important connections – from providers and caregivers, to family members – all synced to the communication center for easy identification.

Interaction Notes

Easily add notes about communications or tasks, so team members have an up-to-date summary whenever they need a quick orientation on a patient’s situation.

Patient History

Sparkle generates a filterable timeline of every event and interaction and your team has with a patient – to provide a complete history and built-in audit trail.

EHR Integration

Data from the Patient Journey Manager can be passed directly into Epic or other EHRs, where providers can access it for intake automation and more.

Build Connections. Build your future.

Sparkle Connect takes advantage of all the hard work and money your organization spends on lead generation. From making the first-touch interaction smooth and efficient, to ensuring satisfaction, and nurturing relationships to keep patients returning for years into the future. 

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