Get insight into patient engagement with built-in A/B testing and analytics.

A/B Testing

Optimize with confidence.

Sparkle is the only platform with A/B testing seamlessly built into it's content creation tools, so you don't have to let guesswork drive your marketing message. Generate candidates by changing an existing page or campaign – revise a headline, swap out an image, or adjust a call-to-action. Sparkle can optimize pages automatically, so managing experiments is effortless. Quickly create candidates for each of your ideas and let Sparkle pick the best one based on performance metrics like phone calls, form submissions, watched videos, or clicked links.

Call Tracking

Capture every call.

Unlike any other CMS, Sparkle seamlessly integrates Call Tracking into your content. Call tracking can be enabled in just seconds, and works anywhere with any phone number. It lets you measure call conversions from your marketing campaigns and visualize results through built-in analytics. You can even record tracked calls or analyze searchable transcripts to help improve your marketing message and overall patient experience. Tracked numbers can be routed through a Call Center to collect additional patient information, which is passed along to your CRM.

Built-in Analytics

Reports right where you need them.

Built-in analytics and reporting tools are designed to give content creators clear and easy access to the most important performance metrics of their content. When combined with A/B testing, Sparkle allows digital media editors to respond quickly to underperforming segments, directly connecting content choices with outcomes. In addition to tracking page views, the system sends custom events for video play (start, stop, pause), form submissions, tracked phone calls, document downloads, clicked external links, and deep integrations for use with the campaign system.

EMR Integration

From visitor to patient.

Can your website convert campaign clicks into leads, then deliver them into your EMR application as new patients? Sparkle works with systems like Epic™ to access provider availability and offer integrated appointment booking in our doctor finder, as well as sophisticated reporting to measure real patient acquisition cost.

Search Engine Optimization

Streamline SEO.

Pages built with Sparkle consistently rank among the very top search engine results. Intelligent SEO tools enforce best practices and let your team build content that naturally captures relevant keywords. Achieve the highest PageSpeed score, while semantic content, sitemaps, and structured data effectively leverage Google's knowledge graph.

Salesforce Integration

Talk to your CRM.

Does your CMS talk to your CRM? Only Sparkle offers bi-directional Salesforce integration out-of-the-box without costly setups. Automatically generate leads from conversions, sync your campaign data, process event sign-ups and even manage subscriber lists and email campaigns through Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Information Security

Build peace of mind.

Sparkle is maintained with stringent security standards and meets or exceeds all OWASP requirements for server security. Sites built with Sparkle are secure and utilize encryption everywhere by default. All systems are fully HIPAA-compliant allowing you to collect sensitive patient data.

Data portability

Open to anything.

Data in Sparkle is 100% portable and can be exported to a wide range of applications. Users can customize datasets anywhere in the system and export them directly to Microsoft Excel. Every entity features JSON and XML APIs for broad interoperability with other services, websites, and clinical applications.

Mobile App Framework

Mobile apps included.

Build amazing hybrid apps for iOS and Android by combining a native application interface with the same responsive web content that drives your mobile site. These apps can be set up quickly, are incredibly easy to maintain, and consistently receive high customer ratings for performance and usability.

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