Stay in sync with advanced management, marketing, and publishing features.

Campaign Management System

Manage marketing more effectively.

Imagine if you could easily track your marketing campaigns from start to finish all in one place. If you could evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising by measuring the real acquisition cost for each new patient. That’s the promise of Sparkle’s most unique feature – its fully integrated Digital Campaign Management System. Sparkle doesn't just track conversions, it can precisely tell you how many new referrals you've added through your campaign and follow their acquisition path into your CRM and patient portal.

Landing Page Optimization

Boost conversions with a personalized message.

Personalize landing pages for each traffic source to create messaging tailored to any campaign segment. Rewrite headlines, swap-out images, customize the call-to-action – any content on the page can be optimized to boost conversions for specific audiences. You can even swap entire layouts to transform a landing page into a self-contained microsite.

Campaign Targeting

Bring your campaign into focus.

Don’t let your marketing message get lost as visitors browse your site. 

Make a campaign’s call-to-action stay front and center as it follows users throughout the entire browsing session.

Personalize your messaging depending on where your visitors came from and keep them engaged to maximize conversions.

Version History

Peer into the past.

A powerful version browsing system allows you to view any document’s complete history of changes through a visual side-by-side comparison. It provides a complete audit trail and gives users the ability to instantly revert to a previous state to undo unwanted changes. 

You can visualize your version history through Sparkle's built-in analytics to easily identify what effect your content changes have on your conversions.

Collaboration & Review

Get a second opinion.

Need feedback from medical experts, executives, or other outside stakeholders before publishing? With Sparkle you can grant private access to preview content before it goes live and invite your guests to leave a review directly on the page.

Q/A System

Keep content in check.

Take control over your publishing workflow to ensure top-quality content is presented to visitors. Because your teams’s resources are at a premium, we’ve built a time-saving Q/A system to let managers or peers review and approve content before it’s published.

Advanced Publishing System

Draft now. Publish later.

Let your team edit content without immediately publishing their changes. They can create, edit and rearrange entire new sections in a safe sandbox environment away from public view. Once content is tested and reviewed it can be published all at once at the click of a button.

Predictive Search

Cut through the clutter.

Omnisearch is an intelligent predictive search widget that goes beyond standard search capabilities. Leverage Sparkle’s medical classification system to promote pages, or surface connections between associated content that goes beyond simple keywords.

Multiple-domain support

A site for every reason.

Need an easy way to set up new special purpose websites for marketing, fundraising, or events? With Sparkle you can quickly create any number of new domains with their own unique design and manage them all through one single interface.

Advanced User permissions

Fine tune your team.

Other CMS rely on broad permission levels that can lead to confusion and embarrassing publishing mistakes. Sparkle addresses this problem with fine-grained controls so flexible that administrators can tailor each team member’s access precisely to the roles they play in your organization.

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